Add some colour to your walls! 

Moving in to a new house means a lot of empty walls.. Our old pictures just don’t do the trick here. 😉 I saw a painting on one of our trips to Poland, and decided to try to make my own (as we are on a bit of a budget). A cheap canvas from Panduro, a variety of acrylic colours (Pebeo Acryllic Medium & Panduro Acryllics Matt), and paintbrushes (mostly from IKEA) do the job well enough!

After many hours of work, the completed picture lights up the wall:

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Stylish DIY media bench for amplifier and speakers

Buying a professional media-bench (Unnu, Clic, Plateau etc.) for housing your speakers and stereo-equipment can be quite expensive. Luckily, you can get almost the same result by buying the right stuff from your nearest IKEA-store! You will also have to invest a couple of hours of work-time.

For the bench pictured below, you will need the following equipment:

  • 2 * Bestå black/brown, size 120x40x38 cm (2 * £25)
  • 4 * Lappviken black/brown, size (4 * £20)
  • 4 * Bestå Soft closing/push-open hinge (4 * £10)
  • About 3 meters of speaker fabric

So the main parts cost just £170 at IKEA.

Close-up of one of the doors

Assemble the shelving frames following the instructions. The back-plates can be omitted. Having open backs makes it much easier to run wires between the various components. Visually they aren’t really needed, since the doors/fabric will cover the front completely.

Cut out suitable holes in all the doors. This is for letting sound and infrared remote-signals through. Wrap tightly with speaker fabric, and stable on the rear side. Fit the doors to the frames as instructed.

All doors open and speakers showing

This system will easily fit your amplifier/receiver and large front- and center-speakers. Adjust the height of the speakers with books and similar to align them with the cut-outs in the doors.

The finished setup (No, there wasn’t any room for the subwoofer.. 😉)

An extra bonus is that the infra-red light from most remote controls will pass through the speaker-fabric, so you can still control your amp from the remote!

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Ice-Paint-Salt ❤️

Blocks of ice are always fun, especially for the kids! 😉 Add some paint and salt and watch it melt into fun shapes.

Mix your paint with a good dollop of salt, and paint it on. Add more salt if it’s taking too long! While you are painting, you might hear the crackling sound of the melting ice – it’s a nice effect and the kids really liked that part! Having fun while learning a thing or two. 😉

The finished blocks make cool props for pictures too! 😀

Kinda cool with all the nooks and crannies, hey? 🙂


Here we put them out at Boes utsikt at Hisøy in Arendal, Norway 🙂
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Ice apples to add colour outdoors

A few years back, I noticed our neighbor still had apples on his tree.. This was in Febuary. There was snow on the ground, and not a single leaf on the branches. It was really cool! There where no apples in my yard, so I had to make my own 😉


Balloons, string and plastic clamps – all from the kitchen drawer 😉
A tiny bit of food colouring into the balloon, add the string with a hoop out the top
Fill the balloons with water and use the clamps to close them before popping them in the freezer over night.
Hang them up in your yard (preferebly at winter time). We went out to the closest beach, and put them out for all to see 🙂
The finished tree!
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Sunday in January

We have had really mild weather this January! The sun has been out for the most part, and I like it a lot! Hoping it won’t make the coming summer any colder -we need all the heat we can get in the north. Enjoying the last few hours of weekend before the workweek begins all over again ☺️



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They say there is no rest for the wicked….

This is a typical picture of our otherwise mischievous dog.. Cute right? 🙂 But this tiny tot has a lot of cards up her sleeve. For instance she is an expert in kidnapping socks.. And earrings. And Christmas ornaments.

Nano, doing what she does best – resting on a pillow.



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