Somebody needs to wash her bumbum!

So.. this happened today….

And THAT, my friends, led straight for the bathtub! It was a no negotiating kind of situation..

She kinda goes from a Mogwai to a Gremlin in these seconds from fluffy dry to soggy wet..

She actually likes it (sort of, kind of). Needs some attention and a little massage with soap and everything is fine 😀

Then she runs around, quick as a whip, drying herself on the rest of the house! 🙂

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Couchsurfing, not by choice..

At home, sick with the flu. 🙁 Good thing I have company! Although it seems she’s not very social at this time of day…… Now I know that when we are at work, it’s all lazytown around here!

She is a bit stuck up this one.. I nudge – she barely blinks 🙂

Smile for the camera 😀
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